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Our free tender service allows Office Managers, Procurement, and Facility Managers to post tenders for any products or services required for the office...

Our tender service gives office staff the opportunity to source services or products for the office, without the tedious and time consuming task of searching the internet. This is where a purchaser can specify the exact item or service that is needed along with any special requirements they have. As well as requesting the service that is needed, stating the budget that is available for the service or products allows a suitable supplier/contractor to come back and bid for the job.


Office Managers 

Do you have a requirement for the office?

Are you looking for new office furniture, a photocopy machine, a recycling company, or something else that will help your business run smoothly?

You can either search and contact a supplier from the First Choice Suppliers Online Directory, or post a tender here and wait for suppliers to contact you with quotes.   

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Want to know what you should include in the tender? Please visit our FAQs page.



Looking for a tender opportunity

How would you like to pitch your business to purchasers actively looking for your type of product or service?

Office Suppliers who take Promotion Packs 2 or 3 can view the full list of active tenders that have been posted by procurement staff. 

Bid on tenders suitable to your business, and remember to quote your best price!

Select Supplier Promotion Package 2 or 3 to start pitching on tenders today.

Want to know what you should include in the tender? Please visit our FAQs page.




quote 1First of all I find this website, very easy to navigate and pleasing on the eye. I also find the deals and tenders page very helpful in terms of saving me time and money. Katie winslade

quote 2First Choice Suppliers have proved to be very useful in terms of time and money. They have helped our company select the right type of suppliers to our office.I will never have to waste my time searching Google again. Other Office Managers will see the benefit of using a service like this. Lilly Reed

quote 3I know every one has said similar things, but this website has honestly saved me so much time. It also has given me peace of mind that I am dealing with reputable suppliers. It also is nice to see what deals have come up,and also it helps that I have saved my organisation money. Stephanie Simons

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